Demo 2014

by Jeanne

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released December 10, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ted Moody at La Maison Bleue

Artwork by Business For Satan



all rights reserved


Jeanne Strasbourg, France

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Track Name: 1/4
I don't know if I'd rather have
my lips dried by your kisses
or the lack of them,
when we are face to face

In the cold

I don't know if I'd rather have
my hands hurted by hitting your figure
or fondling it,
when we are face to face

In the cold

I don't know if I'd rather have
my body warmed by your love
or the rage I feel,
when we are face to face

In the cold

And my heart burn for you
like thousand cops on fire
but if you line with them,
what the flames will devour ?
Track Name: 4/4
"Jeanne, I'll now show you
How bad they are
These people you take pity on
And you'll see that your pity is useless." (Bertholt Brecht)

Said the brave man

To starving tramps and widows
Fueling the steamer of despair
Promising the needs masking it as greed
So they can dance on the corpses

And Jeanne retort

"And those who will say you can moraly grow up
Keeping your feets in the mud, those
You must with a stone hit their skulls.
There's no other way than force where force is law.
We can only save ourselves where we live." (Bertholt Brecht)
Track Name: 3/4
Let's make love on punkrock records

We're the freaks of schools
The king of our parties
Hangin' out is cool
Especially when we mock fat buddies

Quiet down please ! We wanna listen to those riffs

Out of trends, out of touch
Our outfits without a hitch
We defined she's dressed like a bitch
But she gotta make us blush !

These lyrics fits perfectly to me

Banks and taxes are killing
Clean cars fat cribs boss job
Don't worry I was only joking
Saying your skin color is odd

Let's make love on punkrock records
But fuck punk, screw love, let's rock !
Track Name: 2/4
Where did you leave your self confidence ?
Did you look at your parents house ?
Nothing, not even a glimpse
And the schoolyard ?
Your old classmates didn't saw it neither
What about the show ?
It seems too noisy for it to belong
I think we searched everywere,
Maybe it's lost in another galaxy
Oh damn it, it was in my hands and I just crushed it !